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About the Photometrics App


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Developer's Description

Detailed technical information for all ARRI lighting gear. On hand support at any time.

The ARRI Photometric App gives you the ability to quickly reference the photometric characteristics of all of the ARRI light fixtures.

It includes data for discontinued lampheads and our portfolio of Electronics Ballasts (EB). In the Tool section you find more useful resources.


- Photometrics incl illuminance and beam angle and diameter

- Luminous Distribution Graph

- Light Properties like technical specification and color metrics (CRI, TM30, TLCI)

- Metric and Imperial Units

- Camera Exposure and Aperture Information

- Create projects and save preset fixtures

- Bulb Selection


- Compare Lampheads

- DMX Implementation Tables

- DMX Conversion Calculator

- CCL Calculator

- Product Catalogue

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