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ARRI is improving Stellar since its introduction, closely follow technology developments and users’ feedback of this intelligent app for professional lighting control. Stellar reimagines lighting control by automatically managing complex DMX settings and by featuring control interfaces with stunning graphic design. Programmed intelligence and advanced communication make connecting ARRI LED fixtures and third party fixtures to the app simple and straightforward.


- Create projects and scenes to organize your lighting setups

- Automatic discovery of ARRI fixtures using RDM

- Auto Layout (automatically manages DMX modes and addresses)

- Unique and beautiful user interfaces for all color modes

- Control CCT, HSI, RGBW, x,y Coordinates, Gel Selection, Source Matching and Lighting Effects

- Select gel and source matching colors for the L-Series

- Import a light plot diagram to visually layout fixtures

- Advanced color gamut selection in x,y Coordinates

- Group fixtures to control them at the same time

- Favorites to store a custom color or lighting effect

- Look creation to store scene color settings

- Live Sync

- Export/Import projects, scenes, & favorites

- iCloud backup

- Change settings of fixtures

- Control the master intensity of all fixtures

- Multi-Select fixtures

- Advanced search and sort functions

- Quickly identify fixtures via RDM

- Handles Art-Net compliant nodes and complex DMX networks

- Assign names to fixture for easy referencing

- Works on iPhones and iPads

Stellar is the perfect app to quickly and easily control ARRI and third party lights in small to mid size studio as well as while on set. Whether a large film with many scenes and setups or a small project with just a few fixtures, Stellar is built to work in all scenarios. With a long list of feature additions already implemented and planned, Stellar is growing into a fully featured lighting control platform. Stellar is the “go-to” application for controlling fixtures as it seamlessly integrates functionality with great design making the task of adjusting lights effortless.




Works with iPhones (5.5” and up) and iPads (9.7” and up), iOS 11 and up

Art-Net Gateways: SkyLink, SkyPanel (FW 4.1 and up), ENTTEC, Luminex

Stellar Unlimited:

Test and work with all features of Stellar, it is free of charge for five fixture.

Get unlimited access with a one-time payment.

Privacy Policy: https://www.arri.com/en/privacy

EULA: http://www.arri.com/corporate/about_arri/legal/end_user_license_agreement/

©2022 Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG. All ARRI trademarks and copyrights used herein are the property of the ARRI. All rights reserved.

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