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The ARRI Look Library App is a tool for cinematographers and directors shooting on the ALEXA Mini und AMIRA. This app visualises preset looks using different preview images to help you choose the right style for the scenes.
You can easily explore the extensive collection of creative looks pre-programmed into ARRI's latest digital motion picture cameras.
All Looks are part of the software update paket (SUP) 5.0 availible for ALEXA Mini und AMIRA.

The ARRI Look Library puts on-set look management within the reach of all productions, not just those with the time and budget to develop bespoke looks prior to shooting. Cameras with the Look Library installed have instant access to 87 different looks, each available in three intensities.

Looks are numbered within nine themed groups: Application, Black-and-White, Contrast, Environment, Film, Period, Season, Special and Tinted. In a sense, the looks can be thought of as different film stocks, each providing a unique but repeatable aesthetic when combined with the cinematographer's choice of lenses.

The ARRI Look Library App allows the effects of each look to be compared in a close-up, medium shot and long shot. You can toggle between Rec 709 and your chosen looks, saving images to your mobile device or emailing them to colleagues.

ARRI Media, ARRI's state-of-the-art postproduction and creative services business, has developed the 87 looks and this accompanying app. You can contact ARRI Media directly if you require adjustments to a look, if you need a completely bespoke look, if you need to work in HDR or P3 color space, or if you have any questions.

The ARRI Look Library App is there to help you through the look decision process, before and during shooting. View, compare, be inspired"¦

Optimized for iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and later.

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