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Simply turns up to 160 iOS, macOS, or tvOS devices into wireless on-set monitors. In addition to multi-camera monitoring, one QTAKE Monitor device can use the TALKBACK feature to communicate with the QTAKE operator.

QTAKE Monitor is the essential companion app of QTAKE, the most advanced video assist software. Using the STREAM Module, operators can now stream the content of their QTAKE VIEWS to iPads, iPhones, or Macs. Very low latency of just 1.5 frames makes QTAKE Monitor devices practically in sync with QTAKE GPU Output.

In addition to live monitoring, QTAKE Monitor introduces a whole new approach to on-set collaboration. In conjunction with QTAKE Server, the application brings browsing, playback and collaborative metadata editing to any number of devices on set using a local server or even anywhere in the world using a server running in the cloud.

Revolutionize your workflow by creating custom note fields, single or multiple choice fields or ratings to enable everyone on set to enter relevant and well-structured data to facilitate better decision-making or just to make it easier to find the best clips.

Create bins or on-the-fly playlists in the browser with advanced filtering options. Swipe over thumbnails to select multiple clips for playback or editing. Use multiple views to compare clips or play previously recorded takes while monitoring the live stream from QTAKE in another view. While playing, use the up/down keys to advance to the next or previous take in the current shot or your current selection in the browser.

- Connect to one or more QTAKE systems or QTAKE Servers
- Use the TALK button to communicate with the QTAKE operator
- Audio monitoring of the selected view (click to select view)
- Overlay controls for play/pause (lower middle), previous/next frame (lower left/right), previous/next in/out mark (upper left/right), and full-range playback (upper middle) on top of each view
- Single, dual, or quad view mode (double click to switch)
- Save a screenshot by pressing the S key (or Option+S to capture all views)
- Enter full-screen mode by pressing F

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