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LG Pro Remote is an iOS app that allows users to control selected features of LiveGrade Pro for OS X over WiFi.

NOTICE: LiveGrade Pro for OS X is required (either running in trial mode or with a license) to use this remote app.

LiveGrade for OS X is an application to manipulate the color of live signals and still frames from digital film cameras. Supported cameras are the ARRI cameras Alexa and Amira, Canon C300 and C500, Sony F35, F5 and F55 cameras, RED One and RED Epic cameras, and many more. For live color manipulations, additional HD-SDI hardware is needed.

LG Pro Remote allows to remotely apply preset color grades, switch devices and apply different options such as "show original image", "bypass color" or "false color".

LG Pro Remote auto-detects running instances of LiveGrade Pro for OS X that are reachable over the same WiFi network. Remote access to LiveGrade Pro for OS X can be protected with a password.

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