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App by Filmmakers Research Lab, LLCTwitter @ShotDeck

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Shotdeck is the largest collection of meticulously keyworded fully searchable high quality cinematic images in the world.

Hello directors, cinematographers, designers, ad folks, film students and visual artists, you’ve just discovered your new secret weapon, the best collaborative professional tool for bringing your vision to life - from pitch, to prep to post.

Each image has information on cast and crew, aspect ratio, framing, lighting, camera, lens, shooting location, and a dozen more. This time saving app will help you not just find the exact image you are looking for but allow you to discover ones that you never new existed. You'll wonder how you ever worked without Shotdeck. Inspiration - Research - Reference - Education - Discovery

Start exploring Shotdeck totally free today and witness your vision come to life and your creativity reach new heights.

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Last Updated on PFA: February 20, 2024  |  Added on PFA: February 20, 2024  |  App ID: 551

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