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App by Borce Trajkovski

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Turn your device into a professional light (lux) meter! 0 to 1000 lux range.

Professional light intensity (lux) meter for your device.

It measures illumination levels in lux.

? direct reading in lux
? 0 to 1000lux in 2 ranges
? automatic range change
? support for neutral filters
? more range by using filters
? more range by using dividers
? 5% max error (device dependent)
? predefined and custom calibration
? vintage analog look
? 14 case skins

This app requires devices with a light sensor. It uses native light sensor data acquisition that gives accurate and instant light intensity reading. This type of native data acquisition is available only for:
? HTC (Hero, Magic, MyTouch, Legend, Desire, Wildfire etc.)
? Samsung (SGS, SGS2, Vibrant, Epic, Captivate, Fascinate, Tab, Note etc.)
? Sony Ericsson (SE X8i, X10 etc.)
? Asus (EeePad, Transformer etc.)
Other devices are also supported through included compatibility mode but the accuracy and the speed of light intensity reading may be limited and custom calibration is required for correct reading under compatibility mode.

Also, on some devices the light sensor may not be linear, not continuous and measuring errors will occur or the maximum measuring range may be limited. This is not app's fault.

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Last Updated on PFA: March 14, 2018  |  Added on PFA: August 25, 2012  |  App ID: 192

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