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Lighticians Apollo Control - the next generation lighting control app designed for experienced lighting professionals and newcomers. Control cutting edge LED lights and mix color wirelessly.

Gaffers, cinematographers, lighting professionals, and lighting enthusiasts love to have the utmost control over every detail of their lights. Lighticians Apollo Control is the next generation wireless lighting controller designed both for experienced lighting professionals as well as newcomers to the field. This app introduces a revolutionary new way to mix colors when driving the most cutting edge LED lights that is powerful yet easy to use.

Lighticians Apollo Control enables you to directly control your lights wirelessly using sACN E1.31 over WiFi, organize setups by project, and share those projects easily using AirDrop or Email. Even if you have no experience with a conventional lighting console you will be able to use Lighticians Apollo Control.


- Expressive hue/saturation wheel controls enable mixing from the perfect pastel all the way to super saturated deep colors

- Precision white light controls with green/magenta slider and accurate CTO/CTB direct adjustments

- Save your favorite colors as swatches for future use

- Manufacturer specific and direct parameter controls available


- Robust and accurate color mixing algorithm that always derives the best quality of light possible

- Carefully tuned white light algorithms to enhance white light quality

- Full virtualization of color parameters available within the color wheel interface including color temperature, green/magenta tint, hue, saturation, and intensity making these parameters available to all lights


- Dashboard view of lights and their state

- Drag & drop groups to organize and quickly access multiple lights at once


- Organize all patching, lighting metadata, and network bridges by project

- Share projects using standard iOS techniques including AirDrop and email "” Ideal for rigging gaffer handoffs

- Projects can be built prior to being connected to a network to prepare for installations and rigging


- Add lights to your project using a calendar style interface

- Each patched light can be identified with a unique number, descriptive text, and an optional color code and shape icon

- Includes a curated fixtures library which supports all common motion picture lighting parameters

- Fixture profiles editor allows you to build custom profiles for various modes of control

- Patch editor enabling changes to the patch once created


- One universe of sACN E1.31 connectivity

- ArtNet and others coming soon


- WiFi connection to local network to control lights that receive sACN E1.31 streams directly from ethernet

- sACN E1.31 compatible bridge hardware is required to connect Lighticians Lighting Control to lights over DMX interfaces

- E1.31 sACN compatible hardware is required to connect to your lights but the app can be used without a connection at any time for rigging, project prep, and brainstorming.

Many more features coming soon including scenes, sequences, effects, ArtNet, RDM, and more.

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