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About the myMIX LED App


DMG Lumière

Developer's Description

Be a part of the Color Evolution with MIX® LED technology from DMG Lumière by Rosco and the myMIX app. myMIX offers filmmakers complete color control in the palm of their hand. Using a mobile device, they can easily blend together or capture the color their scene requires, save that customized color to their own personalized library in the cloud, and then share those colors with anyone on their team that needs them.

When paired via Bluetooth with MIX LED fixtures, which feature six LEDs for complete color control, the myMIX app enables users to:

- Produce True Rosco Colorâ„¢ by selecting from 137 Rosco gel colors in the MIX library that have been authenticated by Rosco color experts as a match on tungsten and daylight sources – by eye, by meter, and by camera.
- Update your MIX lights to Firmware V2.0.
- Create groups of lights
- Create any color desired using its unique color picking system, in Hue/Saturation/Intensity on any white base from 1700k to 10000k,
- Pick colors in xy mode in the CIE 1931.
- Generate attractive white light from 1700K – 10,000K with the ability to shift the Green/Magenta values.
- Capture a color from a photo on their mobile device and send that color to their MIX LED fixtures.
- Save their favorite colors into their own personal library and send those colors to other units or other filmmakers that need that color on their set.
- Create popular lighting effects like emergency vehicles, firelight and paparazzi flashes.

Learn more about MIX: www.rosco.com/mix

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