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Hive SHOT gives you complete control over the C-Series via bluetooth. Quickly pick from billions of colors and effects. Lights can be controlled individually, or grouped together to create limitless lighting possibilities.

Includes Multiple Color Control Options:
- Hue, Saturation, Output, Color Temperature Sliders
- RGB Sliders
- Preset Motion Effects
- Cop car, lightning, fire, etc.
- Color Wheel Selector
- +/- Green Slider
- More than 80 Preset Sources (Natural, Artificial, Corrective)
- Sunset, sunrise, blacklight, traffic light, candlelight, 1/4 + green, CT Straw, etc.
- Demo Mode for previs (no light required)

Hive Lighting's SHOT App allows you to adjust the Saturation, Hue, Output, and color Temperature of any C-Series fixture to create the perfect lighting for any shot.


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