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Unlock the full power of your Luxli lights with the all-new Composer app:

Control multiple lights from afar.

Access new, app-only effects.

Create sequences of effects and lights across the entire Luxli orchestra.

All this and more is available in the Composer app.


- Improved stability and better performance
- Control your lights individually, or effortlessly set up custom groups.
- Connect only to the lights you want to connect to using the improved connection system.
- See all the crucial information, such as the physical temperature, battery life, and voltage of connected lights
- Control and customize all ten built-in Luxli effects
- New “App Effects” mode, featuring TV and Bad Fluorescent
- Use your devices built-in camera to sample different colors without taking a picture
- Save and select presets of any setting
- Create sequences of presets
- Mix the ratio of brightness for all connected lights

And more!

In short, the Composer app offers you the full versatility of a DMX board—in a free, Bluetooth app.

User guide available at http://bit.ly/LuxliComposerUserGuide

Contact info@luxlilight.com or visit Luxlilight.com for more information.

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