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Work in the film, tv or digital media industry? Studying film, and want to know more about the equipment used on a professional set? Lumolist is a must-have tool to help identify equipment and create equipment lists for your next project.

Lumolist is a comprehensive catalogue of professional lighting equipment designed by the crew for the crew. We’ve brought together the best brands in the industry and carefully configured them into a range of categories. Browsing the thousands of Lamps, Stands, Grip and Accessories couldn't be easier. Each item includes an image, along with key specifications and compatible accessories, making sure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Once you’ve put your list together, you can save it for later or add delivery, pickup and contact details. Lumolist will then generate a clear and concise pdf document for you to share with colleagues, production personnel, or rental companies for quotes.

With periodic advances in LED technology, industry professionals need to stay in tune with the latest trends. Lumolist will be continuously updated, so you can rest assured that we'll always have the newest products from your favourite brands.

Gone are the days of typing out lists manually on your phone or bringing your laptop to set. You can now build your list whilst on reccies, on freezing day exteriors or cosy studio jobs.

Key Features:

6500+ Products - including Lights, Stands, Grip, Textiles, Accessories and much more!

Search - Heard a name on set and not sure what it is, search nicknames and product codes to identify equipment.

Browse - If you're looking for something new, browse through our categories to view available options.

Detailed images and descriptions - With multiple pictures and valuable descriptions, you can quickly understand the product and its uses.

Datasheets & Photometrics - For more detailed product information, you can view datasheets direct from the manufacturers.

Web Links - Need more information? Head directly to the manufacturer’s product-specific webpage.

Custom Products - Add your custom items to the 'My Kit' section.

Favourites - Add most frequently used products to the 'Favourites' section

Don't Forget! - Lumolist suggests products you may have forgotten based on your selections.

Share Products - If you're working with someone on a project, share products and list’s with them via dynamic links.

Offline Mode - Entire catalogue available offline (Images may be unavailable)

Hashtags - Use tags to organise your saved lists.

PDF Export - Clear and concise PDF export: include everything your rental company or colleagues need to know, including contact details, Production type and shooting period.

Share your PDF - Multiple sharing options, including email & 3rd party messaging apps.

Proudly Supported by:

Arri, Aputure, Astera, Aladdin, Avenger, Cineo Lighting, Chimera Lighting, Chroma-Q, Matthews, Sumolight, Prolights, Lightbridge, Hudson Spider, Filmgear, Manfrotto, Lumenradio, DMG Lumiere by Rosco, Fillex, Litepanels, DoPchoice, K5600 Lighting, Velvet

And many more!

Terms of Use: https://www.lumolist.com/terms-of-service

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