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The complete LEE Filters range of lighting filters and gels on one screen. Innovative colour picker and all the information lighting designers need.

Slide through the colours for inspiration, then tap to add to your palette. Review detailed information about each colour, including spectral charts. Professionally designed palettes to get you started, plus the tools you need day-to-day.

Streamlined workflow with new iPad app and landscape iPhone view allowing you to review the Swatch book and spectral charts on one screen.


• The entire LEE range on one screen

• Innovative colour picker

• Hue slider to narrow your focus

• Search by name or number

• Standard list view option

• Y, x, y, and absorption data

• Spectral charts

• Size, dimming preview and complimentary colour info

• Experience the colours full screen

• Swipe info screen swatch to fine-tune selection and rapidly compare data and charts


• Easily put together colour palettes

• Palettes automatically sync across all your devices with iCloud

• Unlimited colours per palette

• Store unlimited palettes

• Drag and drop to rearrange colours

• Name, rename, duplicate & delete palettes

• Email palettes with all the info

• Over 40 professionally designed palettes to quick start your work


• Find a Dealer

Shows you the nearest dealer, or search for one anywhere

• Diffusion Finder

Helps you judge the relative diffusion effect across the LEE Diffusion range

• Gel Comparator

Helps you find the LEE equivalent to competitors filters

• Colour Temperature Calculator

Gives you the mired shift and filters you need to convert colour temperature


• Online help and support articles

• Lighting filter knowledgebase

• Easily contact the LEE support team

Release Notes: Updated Swatch catalogue including the latest Zircon filters for LED.

Updated data for the Colour Temperature Calculator.

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