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Please note : this is NOT the complete version of foolcontrol, available to purchase separately..

foolcontrol-r is a restricted edition of the popular foolcontrol iOS app.
with foolcontrol-r you can only RECORD (start and stop) and REVIEW (the last recorded clip).

It offers easy wireless remote trigger when working on a crane or to check settings while getting ready to fly your camera on a gimbal or a drone.

You can monitor recording mode, status, histogram, remaining battery or media, and you can also fully explore foolcontrol's menu system and setting pages. But anything beyond RECORD and REVIEW of last clip is read only and will not be changed on camera.

To benefit from all of the features (easy presets, color looks, slate, advanced settings, camera menu tree, focus control and more) you have to get the regular version of foolcontrol from the App Store.


foolcontrol-r works with any RED DSMC and DSMC2 cameras via wifi connectivity.

RED WEAPON / SCARLET-W and RAVEN all have built in wifi, ready for foolcontrol.

RED EPIC or SCARLET requires the use of either :
- RED lemo to cat5 ethernet cable and a GIG-E wireless router.
- RED REDLink bridge wifi module.
- Teradek COLR and GIG-E to lemo cable.
- RTMotion Latitude


more info, setup, video demos and support : http://foolcolor.net/foolcontrol_iOS

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