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Introducing remote wireless control for your Freefly Ember on iOS and iPadOS. Quickly adjust your camera settings, enjoy instant playback, and easily export your favorite shots, all directly from the app.

The Ember app replicates all camera controls available on the on-camera UI, providing a cohesive and intuitive experience. Any changes made on your camera are reflected in the app instantly, ensuring you're always in full control.

Key Features:

Wireless Connection: Connect the app to your Freely Ember camera via the camera’s WiFi network and control your camera settings.
Instant Playback: Replay your shots instantly, allowing you to check and perfect your videos on the go.
Export: Specify in/out points on videos and transfer your shots directly from the camera to your device with a few simple taps.
Synced UI: Changes made on your camera are instantly mirrored on the app for a seamless experience.

Video playback requires a device that supports ProRes decoding:
iPhone 13 and newer
iPad Mini 6th generation and newer
iPad Pro 12.9” 5th generation and newer
iPad Pro 11” 3rd generation and newer
iPad Air 5th generation and newer

Ensure your device's compatibility for the best experience.

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