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CinePlay is a professional video player with timecode overlays, markers, masking and safe areas. It is ideal for dailies, portfolios, client feedback, mobile note taking and much more.


All timings are specified in timecode notation and CinePlay can read timecode stored in a movie file. You can even add a draggable timecode overlay to the movie.


Add markers during playback and export them to a range of common marker formats. (iPad only)


View 4:3 and 16:9 title and action safe areas over your movie.


Mask to a range of common aspect ratios.


CinePlay can import from Camera Roll, Videos app, iTunes file sharing, Dropbox and a web URL.


Access your cloud projects on the move, watch videos and sync notes with your colleagues. To find out more visit www.kollaborate.tv.

(Comment syncing requires an iPad)


Sync timecode to Cut Notes for easy note taking.

* Record videos with the Camera app
* Drag videos into iTunes and sync them to your device
* Connect your device to iTunes, click on the device in the left-hand bar and go to Apps. Under File Sharing, select CinePlay and click the Add button to add a movie.
* In CinePlay, click the + button, select Web URL and enter the URL (e.g. http://www.example.com/movie.mp4).

Note: all movies must be H.264. Apple recommends a maximum of 720p for older devices (iPhone 4, iPad 2).

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