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Hollywood's Color Corrector

DaVinci Resolve is the world’s most advanced color grading system. Virtually all Hollywood movies, television commercials and episodic television programs have their "look" crafted by DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve is developed in partnership with major Hollywood studios and is the standard in color correction worldwide.

This DaVinci Resolve Lite edition includes no limits on file support, unlimited file resolutions, no limits on image quality, no limits on layers and you get unlimited color correction nodes. DaVinci Resolve Lite is extremely powerful and is only limited to HD resolution projects, a single GPU and it excludes advanced noise reduction and 3D stereoscopic features that are all available in the full DaVinci Resolve version.

DaVinci Resolve Lite features Emmy™ award winning color correction technology that uses 32 bit float based YRGB image paths for the highest quality possible. This means DaVinci Resolve Lite requires a current model OpenCL based graphics processor/graphics card with a minimum of 512MB of graphics memory. Your Mac should have a fast hard disk for video, 16GB of system memory, Mac OS X 10.8.2, at least a 1680 x 1050 size monitor.

Powerful Color Correction
• Primary color corrector lets you adjust color in black, white & mid ranges of the image.
• Secondary color corrector lets you select any specific color in the image for correction.
• Unlimited corrector "nodes" let you chain multiple color corrections in serial or parallel.
• PowerWindows™ with 3D multipoint tracking to grade custom shapes & track movement.
• Flexible grading with 3 way color wheels, curve grading, RGB mixing & log grading.
• Powerful effects include blur, sharpen, stabilization, compositing & optical quality resizing.

Leading Camera Support
• Play RAW bayer camera sensor data files allowing best quality & dynamic range.
• Supports uncompressed, H.264, HDV, DVCPRO, DVCPROHD, XDCAM and DV video files.
• Supports GoPro, Canon 5D, 7D, C300, C500, MPEG4 Video & Sony XAVC & SStP files.
• Supports ARRI Alexa, RED, Sony F65, F55 & F5 RAW, Cineform & CinemaDNG RAW files.
• Supports DPX, Cineon, TIFF and OpenEXR post production digital cinema files.
• Supports all Apple ProRes formats, Avid DNxHD MXF & QuickTime formatted files.

Fast Flexible Workflow
• Gallery allows storage and quick retrieval of still frames, grades and preset "looks".
• Supports projects up to 1080p in 4:2:2 YUV or 4:4:4 RGB color space & 5K camera files.
• Mix different source clip codecs, resolution, 3D LUTs & frame rates on the same timeline.
• Automatic scene cut detection analyzes clips for scene cuts to mark shots.
• Supports control panels from Blackmagic Design™, Tangent Devices™ & JL Cooper™.

Edit Software Round Trip
• Import, export and conform multi layer projects from popular editing software
• Supports Apple Final Cut Pro X XML with cuts, dissolves, speed changes, sizing & more.
• Supports Avid Media Composer AAF with cuts, dissolves, speed changes, sizing & more.
• Supports industry standard EDL files & ASC color decision lists (CDL).

Highest Quality
• Industry leading 32 bit float YRGB image processing for the highest film industry quality.
• Includes Emmy™ Award winning DaVinci YRGB color science for precise color correction.
• Supports advanced Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences ACES color space.
• Optical quality sub pixel rendering for all resizing and positioning of images.
• Supports high dynamic range (HDR) media clips for real time display, blending & grading.

Powerful Media Management
• Supports over 99 metadata types & timecode for onset media management & shot notes.
• Browse, search and select clips in the media library in list or thumbnail view.
• Supports instant sound syncing of clips when video & audio files are recorded separately.

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