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About the Weekend Read 2 App


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Developer's Description

“Staggeringly useful.” - Dan Etheridge, producer of Veronica Mars and Party Down

We’ve made the best screenplay reader even better.

Weekend Read 2 makes reading screenplays delightful, optimizing scripts for the iPhone and iPad retina screen. Never squint and pinch to read a script again.

Whether reading from a PDF or a native file like Final Draft or Fountain, Weekend Read 2 gives you the tools to make every screenplay a smooth and easy read.

Created by screenwriter John August and the team behind the award-winning Highland, Weekend Read 2 has Hollywood talking.

“With Weekend Read, John August and his crafty elves have taken something that was the worst thing, namely reading scripts on a mobile device, and turned it into the best thing. I find it more pleasant to read a script in Weekend Read on my 4-inch iPhone screen than to read a PDF in proper screenplay format on my iPad. I even prefer it to reading full-sized paper scripts.”
- Rian Johnson, writer-director
(Knives Out, Poker Face, Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

“Weekend Read started as an app I didn’t know I needed and quickly became an app I can’t live without. Weekend Read keeps you on top of your reading pile, not buried under it. It’s seriously amazing.”
- Rawson Thurber, writer-director
(Red Notice, Dodgeball)

“This is the perfect solution I’ve been fantasizing about - it makes reading scripts (or anything) on the iPhone not just tolerable, not just painless, but actually a pleasure!”
- David Wain, writer/director/EP
(Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models)

Weekend Read supports PDFs, Final Draft .fdx, .highland, plain text, and Markdown files.


- Choose from an updated selection of fonts and text sizes.
- Highlight your lines with Character Highlighting.
- Have the script read to you – up to 2x speed! – with Read Aloud.
- Add page-specific notes while you read, and export them to collaborators
- Utilize Dark Mode for night reading.
- Zip through long documents Page Jumper
- Curate your own library of scripts
- Discover new scripts from one of our rotating categories of curated screenplays and books
- Optimized for reading for all your iOS devices

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