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PocketControl is the first iOS App that allows you to remotely monitor and control your ARRI Alexa Mini and ARRI AMIRA camera from your iPad or iPhone!

The app connects to the camera through Wifi and gives you instant access to the camera functions, no matter where on the film set your ARRI camera is located. Easily monitor and adjust settings, such as exposure and ND Filter, start and stop recording, and manage looks in the camera remotely. With PocketControl for ARRI Cameras you always have the camera menu at your fingertips.

PocketControl for ARRI cameras has been a finalist for the TV Tech Best of Show Award at IBC 2017.

The app comes as a free download with the option for an in-app purchase.


The free download includes:

The demo mode lets you access all features of the app without a camera connected. This allows you to see how the app works even before using it on an actual project.

PocketControl allows you to monitor the camera settings on your iPad or iPhone. Any changes that are made to the settings from within the camera are visible in the app instantly. You can easily switch between multiple cameras. The following settings can be monitored:
*Sensor FPS
*White Balance
*Exposure / Shutter
*ND filter
*Look processing config for EVF and SDI
*Currently applied look
*Camera Status

Through an in-app purchase you can enable the following features:

Conveniently adjust the following camera settings remotely from within the app. You can easily switch between multiple cameras:
*Sensor FPS
*White Balance and Auto White Balance
*Exposure / Shutter
*ND filter
*Look processing config for EVF and SDI

With PocketControl you can start and stop recording in the app by pressing the "REC" button. The REC button also displays the current camera state:
*green: okay, ready for recording
*red: recording
*orange: not ready, e.g. because the camera card is full

*Locking of controls for avoiding unintended changes
*Auto-reconnect after sleep and warning of connection problems
*Access to the camera's web remote

The app allows you to manage looks in the camera remotely:
*Switch between looks in the camera
*Refine a look with contrast+pivot, warmer/cooler and green/magenta controls
*Compare the new look to the unaltered look
*Store the modified look in the camera
*Show CDL values

With PocketControl you have all essential camera and look information instantly accessible on your iPad or iPhone. This allows a fast and responsive implementation of camera decisions.

Download PocketControl now, and enjoy a new way of interacting with your ARRI camera.

**Technical Requirements**
PocketControl currently works with the ARRI Alexa Mini and ARRI Amira cameras with SUP 5.1 or newer. For iPhone and iPad, iOS version 9 or newer is required.

**Connect with us**
For more information on PocketControl, please visit: www.pomfort.com/pocketcontrol.
For further questions or to get support on the app, please contact us under support@pomfort.com.
Connect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pomfort

**About Us*
PocketControl is designed and maintained by Pomfort. Pomfort develops innovative software products that revolutionize film production workflows worldwide, to make them faster and simpler. Over the last years our internationally renowned software products Silverstack and LiveGrade have set new industry standards, and are now used in nearly all major productions by customers in more than 100 countries.

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