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Hedge turned 1 in March, so as a gift we made Connect free. Thanks everyone!

Hedge Connect is the companion app to Hedge for Mac. It notifies you when Hedge has finished importing and if it went well or if something has gone wrong: as soon as a transfer is either done or failed, you will know straight away. Hedge Connect is making sure you don't lose precious time.

You probably got better things to do than watching footage being backed up. Whether you're a DP, DIT, AC or Data Handler, Hedge Connect keeps you updated about your running transfers. Don't get surprised by a halted transfer that just cost you half an hour. You're no longer being forced to stay near your offloading station to keep your card readers busy.

Get your crew on the same page, even the whole Camera Department if you like. Simply connect your iPhone or iPad to WiFi or 4G, open Hedges Preferences to get a code and connect. There's no limit on the amount of connected devices.

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