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Drylab Set Report replaces traditional set and camera reports on paper for professional digital movie and TV drama productions. User-friendly and powerful metadata capturing and management ensure consistency and quality throughout the production process. Perfect for script supervisors.

Set Report replaces Cam Report, and adds support for Drylab Dailies 2, and will install alongside Cam Report. It's not backwards compatible with Drylab Dailies 1.


* Developed in close co-operation with script supervisors, DITs and camera assistants
* In daily use on feature films and TV series worldwide
* Automatic file naming for RED, Canon and ARRI Alexa cameras
* Productions organised by day, shot and take
* Extensive database of lenses and filters (or add your own)
* Easily review, print and share reports by email or AirPrint


* Object, background and ground distances for 3D work
* Pan, dutch and tilt
* GPS and Wi-Fi positioning
* Date, grading notes, colour temperature, ISO speed, audio


* Circled takes
* User-defined tags
* Filters, disk number, file name, T-stop
* Images: Take pictures on-set or bring in from iPhoto for reference

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