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26 professional cinematography & photography tools used by many Oscar & Emmy winning Directors of Photography. Essential for Photographers, Camera Assistants, Camera Operators, VFX Supervisors, Videographers, Gaffers, Grips, Production Designers, and Cinema & Media Studies students worldwide.

• Depth of Field calculation (hyperfocal, total depth, near and far, image circle)
• Field of View (with angle of view)
• Field of View Preview in both Portrait & Landscape camera positions (8 images to pre-visualize & size shots by distance & focal length)
• Focal Length (lens) Matching - match to horizontal, vertical or diagonal dimensions
• Relative Size (compares sensors)
• Exposure calculations
• HMI Flicker-free (safe shutters & safe camera speeds)
• Reference (technical charts, lists & tables. Cine film stocks (with film can labels), cine lens specs, false color/exposure change, diopter distance table, miniature shooting, safe panning speeds, zone system, 2018 camera comparison chart)
• Insert Slate (4 font colors plus white or black backgrounds)
• Splits - Aperture Finder calculation
• Speed Booster® Adapter. Calculate reduced Focal Length and Boosted Aperture with various adapters. Also create camera format profiles with attached adapters for use in other tools.
• Eye Light - Chroma Key (color-adjustable VFX tracking markers for green/blue screen)
• Light Effects for handheld light or via Apple Airplay to HDTV. Includes templates for: fire, television, siren, neon, strobe, flashbulb, lightning, strobe. Create unlimited custom animations.
• Mired Shift - Gel Selector
• Conversion calculator
• 4 Test Charts (incl. Siemens Star)
• Triangulate calculation (calculate distances, image circle, etc.)
• Film Running Time to Length
• Shooting to Screen Time
• Color Correction (chooses color correction filters)
• Time Lapse (shooting Interval, event duration, screen time)
• Scene Illumination (beam intensity)
• Light Coverage (width/distance)
• Underwater Distance
• Diopter (lens focus, diopter power)
• Macro (object distance, magnification, corrected stop, DoF, object size, image size, fill percentage)
• Built-in user guides on each screen.
• Calculates instantly & automatically as each entry is entered.
• Over 1400 camera formats plus unlimited customizable, user-defined camera formats, CoC & filters.
• Automatic server updates to new cameras (no waiting for App Store updates).
• Designed by a working camera technician who understands that calculations must be done simply and on-the-run. • Different from other photo apps, its graphical interface shows how each calculation is applied.


62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. Engineering award for "Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development" from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Technical Achievement Award from Society of Camera Operators. "For outstanding contributions to cinematography through the design and development of the pCAM Film+Digital Calculator."


• User-friendly interface, including new support for iPads and iPhone X's • Speed Booster® Adapter tool • Use any camera as a template for custom cameras • Automatic server updates to new cameras • Blue/green screen with color-adjustable VFX tracking markers • Diagonal Focal Length Matching • White or Black Insert Slates • 4 test charts (Siemens) • On-the-fly, keypad units conversion (ft,in - ft - in - m - cm - mm - µm) • Camera, Lighting and Favorites lists with reordering • Incremental +/- distance and focal length changes • Dynamic calculations (displays result instantly as each value is entered) • Reworked Exposure tool • Added color FoV Preview images • Degrees to Radians in Conversions • Additional Reference data, charts, technical information • Improved Camera searches • Widget, 3D Touch, Siri, Siri Shortcuts, and Launch Center Pro ready • Added 450 new Cameras, & redesigned Custom Camera creator • More to come and frequently updated.

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