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Stagehand brings the Roscolux, Apollo, and Lee swatch books to your iOS device! Gels viewable by their swatch book, or all together sorted by hue to find the perfect color without worrying about manufacturer. Each gel is complete with manufacturer information including transmission and description, as well as displaying their color values in both 'Red-Green-Blue' and 'Hue-Saturation-Brightness' color values for intelligent lighting.

The entire collection of gels in Stagehand is searchable not only by its name, number, and description, but also by color with the built-in color search that allows you to select a color a full-color wheel and see the closest matches to the selected color.

Stagehand 1.4 brings the Gam series of color filters to Stagehand in the G#. Stagehand now also features four-digit Roscolux colors with the classic colors serving as the balance to the R# section. Storaro colors appear in the Roscolux four-digit series. This makes over 700 different gel colors available in total in Stagehand. Additionally, we put our nose to the grindstone and now have transmission data for almost all of the Lee filters. Hope you enjoy!

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