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Browse, search, and compare over 1,000 GAM, Lee, Apollo and Rosco gel colors with Wybron's Gel Swatch Library for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The Gel Swatch Library gives you multiple ways to find the perfect color for your production. Scroll through lists of gels made by each manufacturer, or search for a specific gel name.

Spectral Energy Distribution curves and CMY/RGB percentages listed for each color provide the vital data you need to create breathtaking scenes on stage.

Examine any two shades with the Gel Swatch Library's side-by-side comparison window, where you can also compare similar and complementary colors to find shades that go together perfectly.

The library's easy-to-use interface condenses the swatch books that lighting pros have used for years -- putting a wealth of knowledge onto a device that fits in your pocket.

The Gel Swatch Library also lets you:
* Sort gels by how they're organized in the physical swatchbook
* View gels by manufacturer category -- for example, GAM Fusion, Rosco E-Colour and Lee HT
* Maintain a list of recently viewed gels (and clear this list by shaking the iPhone or iPod touch)
* E-mail comments directly to Wybron with the feedback button

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