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Formats is the essential reference and compatibility app for video formats and today's most popular cameras. It's also a fully-featured storage calculator.

"How well does the C300 work with FCP X?”
“What frame rates can the Alexa shoot?"
"Can I use the Sony Raw codec with Premiere Pro?"
"What formats support alpha channels?"

If you've ever asked one of those questions, this is the app for you. Search over 50 formats, from common codecs like ProRes and AVC-Intra to rarities like GFCAM and Avid Meridien, and even tape formats like Betacam. Or search by camera, with a list that includes dozens of models like the Arri Alexa, Canon C300/C500, Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Sony F5/F55, Sony FS7, Blackmagic Cameras, Canon DSLRs, GoPro and more.

Each page includes a compatibility section showing how well it performs with the latest version of every major editing platform (Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer), along with a wealth of information such as supported resolutions, frame rates, data rates, chroma sampling, field order, bit depth, and more.

There's also an intuitive calculator— every one of the formats and cameras included in the app can be used to calculate required disk space (or card space, for use in the field). Choose codec options based on what camera you’re using, or pick from the full list of formats and input your own resolution and frame rate.

Formats is constantly growing with new codecs and cameras— if there’s something you’d like to see in here that isn’t, let us know!

Formats is designed and maintained by Zak Ray of Gray Hour Media. Gray Hour produces fresh and original content for film, episodic and the web. Head to www.grayhourmedia.com to check out our work, and hire us for your next project in NYC!

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