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ExpressColor is an easy-to-use application for beginners as well as seasoned photographers and cinematographers. With the power of expensive professional color correction systems used in Hollywood, ExpressColor is the latest product from Gamma & Density Co., the creator of the first-ever on-the-set color correction system, 3cP, as well as its iPad version, Image Control. ExpressColor uses easy-to-operate standard color correction controls, providing both power and simplicity.

ExpressColor lets you color correct images taken or transferred from your iPhone or iPad cameraroll on a calibrated screen and then email them or save them to camera roll, or share your look via Facebook, Twitter, Dropox and others. You can create your own custom look using the easy-to-use color wheels combined with hundreds of built in "looks" including many different negative and positive film stocks (Kodak and Fuji), dozens of filters and gels, film-processing, and digital effects.

As you color correct your image, exposure changes are shown as f-stops. ExpressColor includes a built-in calibration tool which adjusts your iPhone or iPad screen to match Rec. 709 gamma.

In addition to being a very simple system, ExpressColor is also very powerful. It allows professional cinematographers and DITs to export their color corrections in over 15 different formats of 3D LUTs (Look-Up Tables) as well as ASC CDL (American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List) files directly from the ExpressColor app to the tele/data cine facility via email or Dropbox. ExpressColor works with DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk and many more color correction programs.

ExpressColor offers a method for cinematographers and photographers to make certain that the color and contrast of the shot is exactingly faithful to the original artistic intent, while also providing nuanced control to explore endless possibilities in expression in a manner compatible with any camera-to-post-production workflow.

Images and notes can be wirelessly exchanged between cinematographer, DIT, and director for approval of the look of the image, eliminating the need to gather around a central monitor or DIT cart. Color correction data can be emailed directly to post-production in the form 3D LUTs or CDLs ensuring accurately color-corrected dailies, and reducing DI costs.

Along with its patented, unified system of digital camera and monitor calibration, ExpressColor offers unique features unavailable anywhere else in one system, all designed specifically for image making beginners and professionals including DPs, directors, VFX, DITs, and still photographers.

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