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★ ★ ★ Winner of the International 3D Society's Technology Award! ★ ★ ★

The RealD Professional Stereo3D™ Calculator for iPhone®, iTouch® and iPad® provides a learning and production tool for filming in stereoscopic 3D.

Best Stereo Calculator - ★★★★★

Phil Streather, producer Bugz!, Carmen 3D, Madam Butterfly 3D

"I am a professional film maker, specialising in 3D production and training (www.advanced3d.co.uk). I have used the RealD Pro Stereo Calculator since its first release and have found it to be an extremely useful and engaging (as in fun to use) tool; both on and off the set/location. The new addition of frame view is a master stroke!"

Whether you're a seasoned stereographer or relatively new to shooting in 3D, this easy-to-use stereo calculator will help determine the right setup for your rig, fully taking into account parallax, separation, camera and lens choices, all from the palm of your hand.

The RealD Professional Stereo3Dâ„¢ Calculator can help reduce production time by reporting how subjects will appear in 3D, while maximizing on-set efficiency, particularly with new shots set up on-the-fly.

The RealD Professional Stereo3Dâ„¢ Calculator helps plan your 3D shoot:

• Parallax setup – know the depth of your shot by seeing the actual positive and negative parallax calculation with your subject in focus

• Separation – learn how various objects in each shot will affect the on-screen image quality based on separation and distance from the cameras; includes "˜Maximum Positive On-Screen Offset' with optional Acceptable Level of Divergence.

• Lens choice – quickly determine the appropriate lens or zoom to match what you have on set in addition to limiting yourself to a zoom range or any specific prime set

• Shooting style – choose "˜Converged' or "˜Parallel' style to customize your shot and plan your post production workflow

• Work in feet or meters, and using your device's localized format for floating point numbers (period or comma)

• Camera Setup – Camera model, lens type and interaxial range; test real shots Interactive shot settings – quickly rearrange the setup real-time

• Designed to work with any camera and stereo rig combination, the Stereo3Dâ„¢ Calculator provides stereo parallax setup for any display size, from handheld to theatrical projection, with easy-to-define rig capabilities & limitations.

• Stereo Rig Solverâ„¢ Mode gives you the exact settings needed to accomplish any shot, while ensuring far object's parallax never goes over your defined maximum on-screen offset. If a rig cannot be set to these optimal settings, the program will calculate the best settings that the selected rig is capable of while simultaneously reporting the optimal settings to give you the information you need to decide if this is the right rig for the shot. S3D Calculator Mode functions as a pure stereo 3D reference calculator with interactive value tables.

The RealD Professional® Stereo3D™ Calculator was designed and created by the recognized industry leader in traditional and Stereo 3D desktop previsualization, FrameForge® Previz Studio, in conjunction with RealD and world-class Stereographers to create a must-have tool for every 3D filmmaker.

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