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Stop worrying about arithmetic and get back to continuity! Save your brain at the end of the day by using ScriptCalc to calculate page count, time, and scene totals for your end-of-day report.

"I wouldn't want to be without ScriptCalc on a feature--ever, ever again!" Tecia, Script Supervisor

ScriptCalc features:

• Page count calculator
• Time calculator
• Scene count calculator (standard decimal calculator)
• Screen time calculator for low- or high-speed shots
• Paper tapes store all your calculations and can be emailed to anyone you want!
• Customizable interface

ScriptCalc's screen time calculator effortlessly converts a high- or low-speed shot timing to its playback time. You'll know at a touch that your 7-second take at 200fps will be 58 seconds long when played back at 24fps (Not in the US? You're covered. Playback frame rate is customizable right within the calculator to whatever number you want!)

Want to double-check your totals? Each calculator also has a paper tape which displays the entries you've made so far. You can even email the paper tape to anyone you want without quitting ScriptCalc!

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