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App by DTN Germany GmbH.Twitter @weatherpro

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WeatherPro is a reliable, award winning app that offers unrivalled, high-quality, detailed information, including Apple Watch support. These features are all brought to you by passionate weather professionals – hence the name WeatherPro!

• 7-day forecast data in periods of 3 hours

• Weather reports for 2 million worldwide locations

• Comprehensive detail on temperature, wind direction/ speed, air pressure, precipitation amount/ probability, relative humidity, UV index, feels like temperature and more

• Worldwide alerts and warning levels for extreme weather

• Unlimited favourite locations synchronisable via iCloud

• Connection to Netatmo personal weather stations and the Apple Watch

• Global satellite and animated radar for the USA, Australia and much of Europe

• Additional features like: widget, webcams, weather photo, weather news etc.

• No adverts

We also offer an optional premium service which is perfect for if you have specific weather interests, for sports, holidays or more:

• 14-day forecasts in hourly periods

• Windtheme – optional interface focused on wind data

• Precipitation type radar for Europe, radar forecasts, heat maps, lightning strikes, cloud cover forecasts, etc.

• Beach Weather, and more

Privacy Policy: https://www.weatherpro.com/en/privacy-policy

Terms and Conditions: https://www.dtn.com/subscription-agreement-standard-terms-conditions/

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