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Introducing Teleprompter – The Ultimate Script Reading App

Teleprompter App for Seamless Performance: Unlock the power of seamless script reading with Teleprompter, the top-rated teleprompter app available on the App Store!
Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice speaker, this app is your go-to tool for reading scripts, lyrics, and speeches effortlessly. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and MacOS, Teleprompter offers a user-friendly experience with a range of powerful features.

Key Features:

- Script Creation and Editing: Craft and modify your scripts directly on your device for ultimate convenience.
C- loud Integration: Import Txt, Word, and PDF files from the cloud for convenient access to your content.
- Video Recording: Record videos seamlessly within the app, ensuring a seamless integration of your script with your video content.
- Custom Playback: Set the playback speed and specific time for optimal script delivery.
- Mirroring Options: Enjoy the flexibility of mirroring playback both vertically and horizontally.
- Font Customization: Tailor your reading experience with adjustable font sizes.
- Bluetooth Integration: Utilize your Bluetooth keyboard as a remote control for playback.
- Customizable Shortcuts: Personalize keyboard shortcuts for a more efficient teleprompting experience.
- AI Rephrasing Feature: Overcome script challenges with our AI rephrasing feature, effortlessly creating smooth and polished alternatives for any tricky sentences.
- Unlimited Script Storage: Store and edit an unlimited number of scripts directly within the app. Automatically generate subtitles from your script for added convenience.
- Offline Mode: Enjoy the flexibility of using Teleprompter without an internet connection, ensuring a flawless performance wherever you are.
- Mic Magic: Capture crystal-clear audio with support for external USB microphones on the latest iPhone 15 devices and iPad Pros.
- Rotation Resolution: Enjoy seamless rotation for the perfect recording angle without any hiccups.
- Margin Makeover: Customize your view by adjusting margins, offering you even more control over your content's appearance.
- Picture Perfect Portrait Mode: Dive into Portrait Mode with the ability to blur your video background, providing a professional and sleek finish.
- Enhanced Remote Control: Enjoy an improved web-based version for remote control, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. The classic Bluetooth remote option is still available for your convenience.
- Sign-In Simplicity: Seamless login across multiple devices with the option to add your email if you've used 'Sign in with Apple.'
- Bug-Free Experience: Our recent bug bash ensures a smoother user experience, addressing any issues that might have cropped up.

Teleprompter Pro Subscription:

Unlock premium features with our auto-renewable 1-month subscription, which comes with a 3-day free trial at $19.99/month. Manage your subscription easily through your iTunes account, and explore enhanced functionalities that elevate your teleprompting game.
Note: Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase the subscription.

User-Friendly and Versatile:

Teleprompter caters to various needs, from iPhone teleprompter users to those seeking the best teleprompter app for iPad. With features like mirroring, speed adjustments, and font customization, it's the go-to app for script reading.

Feedback and Support:

We value your input! Share your ideas on how to enhance Teleprompter by emailing support@teleprompter.com.
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:
Read our terms of use and privacy policy at https://www.teleprompter.com/privacy-policy
Discover More:
Visit https://www.teleprompter.com/ to learn more about the app that sets the standard for teleprompting excellence.
Upgrade your script-reading experience with the most versatile teleprompter app available! Download now and take control of your performance.

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