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Make better videos with a speech recognition teleprompter that scrolls as you speak and pauses when you improvise.

PromptSmart is a patented teleprompter application that automatically follows as you speak in real time, without the internet, making your presentations or video productions less stressful and more efficient. PromptSmart's innovative VoiceTrack scrolling method is now expanded into even more languages other than English including: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Hindi, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Polish, and Dutch.

VoiceTrack automatically moves the text as you speak and stops when you pause or improvise. PromptSmart will wait for you to begin speaking the script again before it continues moving. With PromptSmart, speakers stay calm and act naturally, which saves time and is less stressful. There is no time limit to your presentations. VoiceTrack will continue to listen and scroll with your voice until you close the presentation screen.

PromptSmart+ is fast, accurate, and secure, performing all of the speech recognition tasks on the device, without the need for an internet connection. PromptSmart+ will make your presentations or video productions less stressful and more efficient.

PromptSmart+ is an invaluable teleprompter tool for a wide range of public speakers; clergy, educators, politicians, podcasters, audiobook creators, business leaders, performers or for those in broadcast media. Our prompter apps can also be useful as a practice tool or as a reference guide for even the most novice speaker, keeping you on-message during live speaking engagements.

PromptSmart+ is cloud-enabled (optional) and you can also record HD videos inside the app while presenting. Use Selfie Mode to position the text next to or beneath the front-facing camera so you don't look like you're reading.

VoiceTrack gives you unparalleled control with speech-recognition scrolling -- but you can also scroll the text with a pre-set speed, or a remote control room.

All of the features mentioned above are included in a PromptSmart+ subscription which you can activate on a monthly or yearly basis. Create a PromptSmart account inside the app and then activate a 7-day trial subscription to get the full app experience before you commit.

An active PromptSmart+ subscription or introductory trial are required for the following features:

[+] VoiceTrack—Speech-recognition based scrolling. If you go off-script, VoiceTrack knows and will hold your place, waiting for you to return.

[+] Scroll at a pre-set speed.

[+] Invert text to reflect off two-way teleprompter glass

[+] Narrow the side margins to reduce side-to-side eye movements

[+] Selfie Mode: fix text next to the camera and record HD video simultaneously

[+] In-app camera controls: tap-to-focus, auto-exposure lock, and auto-focus lock

[+] Import these file-types into PromptSmart:

-PDF (must be OCR-scanned first)
-GDOC (Google Documents)

[+] Import and export scripts to and from the cloud: Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, iCloud, or Dropbox

[+] Bulk delete scripts

[+] An optional mic meter in Presentation Mode

[+] Volume buttons play/pause presentations (Selfie Stick friendly!)

[+] View and adjust text position from a web-based Remote Control Room

IMPORTANT! Review carefully:

-VoiceTrack languages supported: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Vietnamese, and Hindi.

-Device Specifications: iPad Air 2 (or newer); iPhone 6S (or newer); iOS 13 (or newer)

-External wired microphone recommended with VoiceTrack (but not required)

Your satisfaction is important to us. Contact us anytime: team@promptsmart.com

PromptSmart EULA and Privacy Policy: https://promptsmart.com/download_file/149/0

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