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TeleScroll is a powerful Teleprompter Application that offers many must-have features that is essential for broadcast professionals, while still very intuitive and easy-to-use for novice users. TeleScroll helps you to have the best experience in delivering production-ready presentations with its complete and up-to-date capabilities.

TeleScroll offers many powerful features including:

- Multi-Platform Dual Screen -

* TeleScroll can connect two different devices via WiFi connection, where one device controls the other to display a synchronized teleprompter screen.
* Different device screen sizes are automatically adapted by TeleScroll so the resulted scrolling text are still smooth and proportionally visible on both screens.
* All supported platforms are fully interoperable to act as a Controller (device that controls the prompter) and also as a Host (device that display the prompter).

- Main Features -

* Support Normal and Reversed text while scrolling, and can be configured independently on the Host and on the Controller.
* Support using different Fonts and different Font Sizes.
* Support using different Background Colors.
* Support Left, Centered, and Right Alignment.
* Support different Text Color and styles on each character such as Bold, Italic, or Underline.
* Support Margins and Vertical Line Spacing.
* Support showing Cue Marker with configurable position, size, color, and its shape.
* Support variable Scrolling Speed and Start/Pause the prompter.
* Built-in Text Editor to quickly change the script, complete with Find and Replace functions.
* Support Bookmarks to quickly jumps to different script positions.
* Support Multiple Scripts in one Document to quickly jump to different scripts in a single prompter session.
* Support synchronizing the Editor's cursor with Prompter lines to maintain the scrolling position.
* Highly configurable settings where any settings can be configured globally to be applied to all Documents and Scripts, or set specifically down to the Document and Script level.
* Support opening many popular text file formats, from plain text, rich text, etc.
* Support exporting into many popular text file formats, from plain text, rich text, etc.
* Save Document changes to TeleScroll Document format to be compatible with all supported platforms.
* Show and hide Button Slide Panels while prompting to easily clear the Prompter screen from the control buttons.
* Action Assignment feature to change the default keyboard / touchpad / mouse navigation in Prompter screen.
* Support Full Screen Mode in prompter with text margin adjustments (full-width, 4:3, 16:9).
* Colorful Application Themes and Light / Dark modes.

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