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About the Sidus Link App


Aputure Imaging Industries Co.Ltd

Developer's Description

Sidus Link provides a new solution for film lighting control, based on our Sidus Meshâ„¢ Technology, that allows the user to connect up to 100 fixtures with a smartphone or other smart device.

There are most popular and professional functions to control fixtures in our App, including CCT mode, Gel mode, Color mode, Effects mode and unlimited Presets.

We bring a new way to control film lighting through the Sidus Cloud Service and Collaboration CC Group function, Sidus would help cinematographers, DPs, gaffers, and filmmakers quickly set up the scenes and lighting with a minimal workflow.

Make filmmaking easier, and enjoy it.


1. Compatible with all new Aputure fixtures including LS C300d II, MC, RGB panel light etc.etc
2. Up to 100 connected fixtures with a smartphone or other smart device.
3. CCT mode, Gel mode, Color mode, Effects mode
4. Fixtures Console, quickly adjusting the intensity of all fixtures
5. Allows the multi smart iOS device to control one lighting network
6. Lighting network encipherment protection
7. Create a scene and add fixtures, then you can control all fixtures in the scene
8. Link fixtures as a group
9. Smart Battery Regulation and Battery Life Feedback
10. Smart Fixture Parameter & Information Feedback
11. Quickshots function, save the scene lighting looks and quickly reset up
12. Unlimited Presets
13. Free Cloud Synchronization for Scenes, Presets, and Lighting Effects
14. Collaboration CC Group Regulation
15. Collaborating the scene to CC Group member
16. Casually sharing scenes with the verification code
17. Color Picker allows fixture match the color with picking up any color and color light
18. Sourcematch allows fixtures to match the color temperature from scene and light source
19. XY Color mode provide tri-Color Gamut: A gamut(similar BT2020), DCI-P3 and BT 709
20. Manual lighting effect coming soon
21. Fixture OTA update support
22. QuickShots Synchronization Support
23. Multi-language Support: English/Chinese Simplified/Chinese Traditional

© 2019-2020 Sidus Link Inc. & Aputure Image Industries Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Any feedback, email us at feedback@sidus.link.

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