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So you're on the go and you want to send your friends and family this great photo that they'll love, but you need to make some adjustments and won't be at your computer until late this evening.

Photo fx is the definitive set of digital optical filters for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Simulations of many popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, optical lab processes and photographic effects are now at your fingertips. We can safely say without a doubt that Photo fx is the most comprehensive, feature rich photo app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In the base package of Photo fx, you can choose from 32 exciting filters containing 327 presets organized in 6 different filter groups. Photo fx is comprised of the following filters: Black and White, B&W Looks, Black Pro-Mist, Center Spot, Close-Up Lens, Color-Grad, Color Looks, Color Spot, Day for Night, Depth of Field, Enhancer, Fog, Glow, Grain, Halo, High Contrast, Infrared, Night Vision, Old Photo, Pencil, Polarizer, Pro-Mist, Reflector, Star, Soft/FX, Temperature, Tint, Two Strip, Three Strip, Ultra Contrast, Vignette and Wide Angle Lens.

Photo fx now includes two paid filter group options: Portrait fx and Color fx.
- Portrait fx includes 15 filters, 173 presets and the following filters: Bronze Glimmerglass, Cool Pro-Mist, Black Diffusion/FX, Diffusion, HDTV FX, Glimmergass, Faux Film, Gold Diffusion/FX, Smoque, Soft Light, Streaks, Warm Black Pro-Mist, Warm Center Spot, Warm Pro-Mist and Warm Soft/FX.

- Color fx includes 14 filters, 115 presets and the following filters: Bleach Bypass, Color Infrared, Cross Processing, Dual Grad, Fluorescent (FL-B/D), Haze, Mono Tint, ND Grad, Nude/FX, Sky, Strip Grad, Sunset/Twilight and X-Ray.

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, Photo fx's visual workflow and easy to use tools will help you create stunning images.

Now you can fix your image with Photo fx before you email it from your iPhone and iPod Touch - you don't need your computer. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Choose it, Edit it, Send it!

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Last Updated on PFA: March 14, 2018  |  App ID: 46

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