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Lighting Designer is a quick and intuitive way to create lighting plots for film, theater, and television. The wide selection of equipment and simple yet powerful interface makes it easier than ever to illustrate and communicate your lighting setups, even when you're away from your computer.

Perfect for tech scouts, working in a car or on a train, or just choosing the couch over your desk chair! Plus, the iPad is a great presentation tool; take it to set and show your crew exactly what you want.

While expensive drafting programs can take hours to use and years to master, Lighting Designer is an accessible way to plan your next show!

* Organize by Shows and Plots
* Choose from over 150 different types of lights, grip equipment, and objects like actors and cameras
* Customize each light with a unique nickname and set of notes
* Use Labels to create groups of lights
* Select a Floor Plan from the images on your device
* Lights can target each other, or be rigged onto speed rail
* Undo/Redo functionality allows for experimentation
* Add crew members to Plots from the contacts on your device
* Email your Plots to the crew, with equipment and crew lists

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