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About the Highland App


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Developer's Description

The Mac's most powerful screenwriting app is also the most straightforward. With Highland, crafting a perfectly-formatted screenplay is as simple as writing an email. Just type. Highland will make it look good.

Created by acclaimed screenwriter John August (Big Fish, Frankenweenie), Highland works its magic on plain text, allowing you to focus on the writing. "The old apps force you to do all the formatting. They feel like relics of a different time -- bloated and slow to get updated. We made Highland lean, fast and future-proof."

Others agree:

"Highland has changed my entire way of working with scripts. Now that I know my screenplays and TV scripts aren't trapped in one particular software's format, I have the flexibility to use the tools I need for particular part of the process. I use it every day."

- David Wain, Writer/Director/EP of Children's Hospital

"It is a great environment to write you next film with an attractive price tag, but also a powerhouse of features that will help you shine in the screenwriting business."

- Mac AppStorm (9/10)

With Highland, you can:

• Write screenplays in plain text. The Fountain format is straightforward and future-proof.
• Edit and save FDX files, even if you don't have Final Draft.
• Preview, print and export perfectly-formatted PDFs.
• Melt screenplay PDFs, making them editable again.

Whether you're writing a screenplay from scratch, or editing imported drafts, Highland makes the formatting painless.

Highland comes with the Courier Prime font for beautiful screenplays and the all-new Highland Sans for a refined editing experience.


We have an extensive FAQ that should answer many of your questions:


If you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you! By email at support@quoteunquoteapps.com, or on Twitter @qapps

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