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The Cinematography Electronics FLICKERfree Calculator is a handy tool to calculate the proper camera speed and shutter angle combinations for FLICKERfree film or digital cinematography. It is especially useful when using HMI or fluorescent lighting.

Our FLICKERfree Calculator is designed with the same simplicity as our popular HMI Flickerfree Filming Speeds reference cards. Our App calculates the camera speed in Frames Per Second (fps) and camera Shutter Angle in Degrees. The colors on the calculator, Burgundy (50 Hz) or Blue (60 Hz), also match the colors on our reference cards.


* Easy to use with an attractive interface.
* Selectable Line Frequency, either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
* Calculates the camera speed in Frames Per Second (fps).
* Calculates the camera Shutter Angle in Degrees.
* Calculates instantly when an entry is changed.
* A finger slider allows user to select the Frames Per Second or Shutter Angle values.
* Images of our HMI Flickerfree Filming Speeds reference cards are included.
* Optimized for the iPhone 4 Retina screen.

HMI Flickerfree Filming Speeds reference cards
© 1986 - 2011 Cinematography Electronics Inc.

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