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Moviola’s Final Cut Pro Field Guide is a must-have for anyone working with Final Cut Pro- packed with information on troubleshooting a wide range of issues; full editorial workflows for new and emerging technologies including RED, P2 and HD DSLR cameras; a searchable listing of all Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts, and links to resources from software to hardware to online forums to help an editor with any scenario they face.

With technology changing at such a rapid pace, those who work with the video editing application Final Cut Pro constantly find themselves braving new frontiers- with new cameras and video formats and frequent changes to the features in Final Cut Pro there is a need to stay up to date on the latest information. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for a variety of topics.

The Final Cut Pro Field Guide is the latest offering from the Academy Award winning company Moviola, the #1 professional video training center in Hollywood. Moviola’s previous iPhone app release, the Pro Video Guide app has recently been featured in the iTunes App Store’s “What’s Hot” section in January 2010.

“The Final Cut Pro Field Guide app for iPhone from Moviola Studios allows me to have a sort of pocket reference to FCP wherever I go, and at the push of a button.I found the application to be a worthwhile purchase at only $3.99, especially if you are a beginner to intermediate user of Final Cut Pro.” Whole Apple, 7/20/10

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This app is a must for:

* Editors
* Assistant Editors
* Techs
* Cinematographers/Videographers
* Directors
* Student Filmmakers
* Video Editing Hobbyists

For creating content for:

* Theatrical Films
* Broadcast Television
* Corporate Productions
* Event Productions
* iPhones and iPods
* YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo
* Advertising and Marketing

The Final Cut Pro Field Guide contains several sections:

Troubleshooting/Problem Solving:

* Erratic Behavior
* Audio Sync Problems
* Dropped Frames
* Display Quality Issues
* External Monitoring Issues
* Waveform and Thumbnail Re-draw Issues
* Corrupt Projects, Sequences and Media
* Opening Projects in Earlier Versions of FCP
* Issues With Imported Graphics
* Media Files That Won’t Import Or Play
* Installing/Reinstalling Software
* System Maintenance
* And More!


* RED Workflows
* HD-DSLR Workflow
* P2 Workflow
* Connecting P2 Devices
* Creating Graphics for FCP
* Working With Graphics in FCP
* Capturing HDV as ProRes


* Hardware Resources- Links to Control Surfaces, I/O Devices, Video Storage
* Software Resources- Links to Workflow/Utility Plugins, Compression Software, Effects Plugins
* Tech Specs for Operating Different Versions of Final Cut Pro
* Device Control for Working With Different Cameras, Decks
* Media Storage Tables- Bit Rates and Storage Times for SD, HD and Audio
* Online Forums and Blogs
* Final Cut Pro User Groups Around the World

Keyboard Shortcuts:

* Complete Listing of All Commands With Keyboard Shortcuts
* Searchable
* Description of Each Command

Bookmarks and More:

* Bookmark Any Page or Keyboard Shortcut for Later Review
* Email Any Page

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