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Final Cut Camera puts you in the director’s chair with intuitive pro controls for your entire video production. Seamlessly start a Live Multicam session by connecting up to four devices running Final Cut Camera to preview, record, and sync your video angles in Final Cut Pro for iPad. Capture with powerful settings including shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and manual focus. Easily customize your resolution, frame rate, color space, and more. Quickly monitor your video with focus peaking and overexposure indicators. Dial in the perfect shot for your professional videos with Final Cut Camera.

Capture professional footage with full manual control
• Easily record in a range of resolutions, frame rates, and codecs including ProRes and Log color encoding*
• Set your exposure with ISO and shutter speed controls
• Adjust your white balance with common presets or set your color temperature
• Pull focus to follow the action and keep subjects sharp
• Precisely zoom to emphasize the most important elements of the video
• Lock orientation to ensure your framing is consistent regardless of device position
• Reduce shakiness and movement during capture by enabling stabilization

Preview, record, and sync up to four devices with Live Multicam in Final Cut Pro for iPad
• Quickly start a Live Multicam session by connecting your device to Final Cut Pro for iPad**
• Remotely preview, adjust pro controls, and initiate recording on all your connected devices right in Final Cut Pro
• Instantly edit your multicam clips with preview media that is automatically synced in the Final Cut Pro browser
• Save time in post with background media transfer that seamlessly replaces preview media with originals as you work

Confirm videos look and sound perfect with monitoring tools
• Enable focus peaking to ensure footage looks sharp***
• Properly expose videos using zebra indicators***
• Compose and frame your shot with aspect ratio guides or grid overlays
• Monitor available recording time and audio levels

Easily review and transfer media right in the browser
• Save videos to Files or record onto a connected external storage device*
• Browse and review your footage directly in the Final Cut Camera browser
• Quickly connect to Final Cut Pro for iPad and transfer media directly into a project
• Conveniently pause and resume media transfers

Upgrading to the latest iOS or iPadOS is recommended

* Requires iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max
** Requires Final Cut Pro for iPad subscription
*** Focus peaking and overexposure indicators require iPhone or iPad models with A13 Bionic chip or later

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