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App by Affonso Beato, ASC, ABCTwitter @beato13

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Camera Sensor + Lens Calculator

Displays sensor dimensions for many digital, cine, film, photo, and video cameras.

Calculates the Crop Factor for the selected Camera and Lens Type.

Calculates the FOV (Field of Vision) for the Sensor/Lens selected combination.

Calculates the Normal Lens (FOV = 28º) for the Sensor/Lens selected combination.

Matches FOVs for different applications.

Helpful for photographers, cinematographers, stereographers, Computer Graphics artists, FX artists and FX supervisors.

Important tool on compositing Foreground with Background plates on FX applications.

Important tool on 2D to 3D conversions.

Double decimal digit precision on sensor sizes.

Red flags to foolproof sensor and lens wrong combinations

Inclusion of Camera models and Lens formats by customers' demand.

Please write to info@sd3dcalculator.com with your needs and/or comments

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    Photo & Video

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