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About the Boardfish App



Developer's Description

Boardfish is a Mac OSX native page layout application explicitly designed for storyboarding. Boardfish instantly assembles panels into a professional storyboard layout with the flexibility to easily edit and customize layouts. Whether you create your boards by drawing, shooting photos, creating 3D models, or designing UX wireframes, Boardfish will revolutionize the way you assemble your final layout.

Simple Workflow

Drag and drop images from Finder to create boards. Panels can be rearranged, deleted or hidden with automatic re-flowing. Grid layouts can be altered at any time – a 6-up landscape layout can be changed to a 3-up portrait layout with the click of a button. Up to four captions per panel can be positioned on any side of the image with customizable layouts, spacing, fonts, and colors. Automatic Panel numbering and scene/shot labels for effective communication with your team or clients.

Import | Export

Boardfish can import standard file formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF formats, and has the ability to import Illustrator files of logos for the title page and headers/footers. Custom layouts can be saved as preset templates. Export your boards to PDF or print directly from Boardfish.

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