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About the LockitScript App


Ambient Recording GmbHTwitter @AmbientRec

Developer's Description

LockitScript elegantly accommodates all the daily needs the role of a Script Supervisor demands. This comprehensive and time-saving tool helps fighting paperwork, duplicate listing and overtime after wrap.

The LockitScript App and the included LockitWebTools account form the most complete Script Supervisor system available! Conveniently upload scripts and call sheets or manually enter cast, crew, scene setups and much more.

Stand-Alone Features

• Automatically creates Progress Reports, Editor’s Logs, Clip Logs or Facing Pages in Excel or PDF format
• Customizable abbreviations to safe time
• Clearly arranged time tracking of all departments
• Multi-Camera support
• Automatic synchronization with included cloud-based LockitWebTools account
• All in one solution: timecode logging, stopwatch, photo function, multiple running time, included scenes, and many more.
• Designed for iPad (For best perfomance we recommend iOS13 or higher)

Features in combination with a Lockit+ ( http://manuals.ambient.de/lockitplus )

• Recieve clip metadata information from an ARRI Alexa or RED camera
• Display and live log the Lockit Timecode

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