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Discover the key features of the ALEXA SXT camera in the palm of your hand. For the first time ARRI, one of the world's leading manufacturers of cameras for the film and broadcast industries, has created an interactive visual guide for one of its most capable products, the ALEXA SXT. This educational tool lets the user take an augmented reality tour of the camera using their mobile phone or tablet.

The App focuses on 4 main areas of the camera, so called track points. These 4 track points are:
recording formats, Look Management, independent SDI outputs and built-in wireless video and Wi-Fi. A detailed description of the specific features in each area comes into view, depending on which version the user has chosen, when the user hovers over the actual area of the camera with their device or when the user scrolls over the virtual camera on the screen with his/her fingers.

This App offers three different modes:

Mode 1: App in combination with a real camera
The user opens the app and can view the entire camera in 3D while move above and around the real camera with his/her mobile device. Once the App recognizes one of the 4 pre-defined track points, an information text block appears on the screen. Here the user can learn about the various features in detail. The user can at any time close this information by gliding over a different part of the camera; one the user find a different track point on the camera, a new description text block appears.

Mode 2: App featuring a virtual camera
In this version of the App, a virtual image of the camera can be viewed, positioned, turned, and enlarged on the user's various devices. With the help of the same track points on 4 pre-defined locations where infographics can be referenced, the user is encouraged to learn about the various features in detail. As soon as the infographic is opened, the camera freezes. As soon as the infographic is closed, the camera can be manipulated again.

These two initial versions will eventually be fused into a single App.

Mode 3: App featuring a virtual camera in a real environment
In this version, the user doesn't have a real camera in front of him/her. The user can, however, choose a virtual camera. Once the camera appears in front of the viewer and it is in a fixed position, it can be flown over with a mobile phone or iPad.

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