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Setellite is the premium on set VFX organizer for supervisors and other related post-production professionals.

Setellite enables you to collect and register all your on-set vfx data in an organized and effective way. Designed to be used during a film or television shoot, Setellite helps you keeps track of all scene info, weather-, location-, camera-, take-, plate- and reference data on a per slate basis. The way Setellite is organized and designed, filling in your required data can be done fast and accurate. The collected results can be exported to PDF to share with editors, post-production supervisors, vfx-supervisors and vfx-artists.

• Collect and organize VFX specific data
• Create custom templates for your VFX forms
• Extend and manage the build-in library
• Make use of extensive reference options
• Link pictures, drawings and video's to slates
• Export your project to PDF and/or CSV

Instead of using multiple apps for collecting notes, writing down data, collecting reference material, etc., Setellite presents all these features in one solution.

Please visit our website for a demo video, additional screenshots and FAQ! www.planetxfx.com/setellite

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    Planet X FX
    Twitter @Setellite_App

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