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RAWMagic is the professional cinematographer's number one choice for MLV and RAW video conversion when shooting with Magic Lantern-equipped Canon DSLRs.

RAWMagic converts MLV and RAW files to CinemaDNG sequences that can be edited directly with popular non-linear editing programs like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere CC without any additional steps. You can edit your footage in native CinemaDNG, then export to a color correction app like DaVinci Resolve for final grading. All without the need for proxy files!

Magic Lantern is a RAW video recording modification for Canon HDSLRs that allows the recording of RAW video, just like with much more expensive cameras designed for professional cinematography.

RAWMagic Features:

• Converts Magic Lantern MLV and RAW files
• Produces CinemaDNG files that can be edited directly in Adobe Premiere CC
• Can output compressed CinemaDNG
• Seamless DaVinci Resolve CinemaDNG workflow with synchronized audio and timecode
• Supports MLV audio
• File spanning support when shooting to FAT32 media
• Both 12 bit and 16 bit CinemaDNG output

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