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The Extreme Music iPad App is an ingenious mobile tool designed for the hectic, always on the go lifestyle of the professional music user.

Here's the scene:

The show airs tonight, it's down to the wire and you're rushing to the edit. "Aaarrgh...What about music?" No problemo... You whip out your iPad and within seconds, looking cooler than a penguin sucking a popsicle you're searching an ear-blistering barrage of Class A Ear Candy. You build a jaw-droppingly awesome tastemaking playlist and conveniently email it to everyone on the production team.

Fantastic stuff!!! The editor has enough tracks to score the entire show.

Phew!! The day is saved. Nice one.... Everybody loves you. You are the toast of the industry, the studio hands you the keys to the executive bathroom, a corner office and a Rolls Royce Phantom - all thanks to those clever chaps at Extreme.

You. Are. Welcome.

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