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Write a classic today!

DubScript Screenplay Writer is the easy, powerful screenwriting app that works with Plain Text (Fountain), Final Draft (FDX), PDF, Trelby, and Celtx (.html) files.

Create a new script. Then... just write! Don't bother indenting or waste time manually identifying what's a character, action line, parenthetical, or a scene heading. You simply write naturally in plain text.

Next comes the magic: With a swipe, DubScript formats your text script to standard screenplay presentation, which you can output to PDF, Final Draft (FDX), a cloud printer, or HTML.

As you write, your screenplay files are saved directly to your device's local external storage, not the "cloud". No active Internet connection is required to write in DubScript. That said, you can open scripts from email, Google Drive, DropBox, and other cloud services. And when you're ready to share your amazing progress on next year's blockbuster, tap the Share button to forward it to your agent.


DubScript uses the intuitive Fountain system, a simple way to write quickly without dealing with the usual "screenwriting software" formatting stuff that get in your way. Check out this video from pro screenwriter John August (unaffiliated with DubScript, BTW) who helped create the open Fountain standard: https://goo.gl/9WhkaJ

Just write something "screenplayish" and you should be good-to-go! But if you want more info, the Fountain "syntax" as it were, is here: http://fountain.io/syntax


Dozens of features are included:

• Edited screenplays are just normal plain-text, suitable for copy/pasting into other apps
• Import from industry standard Final Draft (.FDX) format to simple plain-text editing (Fountain), then export to .FDX
• Print your masterpiece to a cloud printer or PDF. Or export as HTML.
• Title Page support
• Dual-dialogue
• Bundles Courier Prime, Courier Prime Sans, and other screenplay fonts (thanks John August & company!)
• Undo/redo, spellcheck, auto-completion, copy/paste, voice-to-text or stylus input (w/device support), page breaks, center text, find/replace, adjustable font faces & sizes, and much more
• Emphasis with bold/underline/italic
• Speaks scripts out loud! (if your device supports text-to-voice. Most do.)
• Adds "screenplay" terms such as "int." and "ext." to spelling dictionary
• Auto page numbering
• Auto (CONT'D)
• Lots of hard- keyboard shortcuts (save, copy/paste, auto-uppercase, etc.)
• Statistics & reports (word count, page count, all scenes, all characters, etc.)
• "Night mode" (white-on-black)
• "Rescue mode" saves internal backup every ~500 changed characters or so... just in case.


Periodically, "alpha" development versions are released for testing. These alpha builds are experimental. They may have the newest features and enhancements, but you may also get new bugs! Feeling adventurous? You can sign up by visiting:


You're invited to report any discovered issues or suggestions to the DubScript website at, appropriately enough, https://www.dubscript.com


There are no ads in read mode, so enjoy scripts uninterrupted. You also have an option to become a DubScript supporter by subscribing to disable banner ads and remove a small watermark on printed output/PDF. This can be canceled at any time. All features are otherwise fully enabled.

Questions? Visit https://www.dubscript.com

See you at the Oscars!

DubScript is not created, supported, affiliated, or endorsed by John August, Final Draft, Inc., CeltX, Trelby, Fountain.io, Highland, DropBox, Google, Inc., Quote-Unquote Apps, or the developer or distributor of any other program. See Terms and Conditions for full disclaimers and terms of use.

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