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First Android Film Stock Calculator

This is a stock Calculator tool for people working in the film business, like Clapper Loaders, Assistent Camera, Continuity and even for Cinematographers who are interested in how much cans of film they will need.

Its major goal is it to help filmmakers concentrate more in doing movies and not in calculating.

It can handle all common varieties of cinema stock formats:
Super and Normal 8mm
35mm 2,3,4 Perf
ProRes422 (Proxy)
ProRes422 (LT)

Also it's able to handle different framerates and shooting ratios.
The New Version as well includes a Stopwatch that counts both time and length so you always know what's on the reel without needing a calculator or watch anymore.

To change the format between feet and meter just press the length counter.
Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, so I can make this app better.

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