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Shoot professional video with your iPhone®!
VideoPro Camera™ is an easy-to-use video recording app with professional features:
• Hear LIVE! sound while recording video
Professional video demands professional audio. Audio meters provide a good sense of volume, and VideoPro Camera certainly includes one. But to ensure great sound, you need to listen to what is being recorded as you shoot. Otherwise, you won’t know until too late that your mic isn't working or that background music is overwhelming your subjects’ voice. VideoPro Camera allows you to listen to sound live through headphones, just like the pros do. Only VideoPro Camera has this unique feature!

• Precision controlled zoom speed
VideoPro Camera has a unique control to let you zoom like the pros. Slide the zoom control up a little to zoom at a steady slow speed. Slide a little farther up for a faster zoom and all the way up for the fastest zoom speed. When you’re ready to zoom back, just slide the control down. The control’s distance from the center sets the speed for the ultimate in professional zooming. NOTE: Zoom requires iPhone 4S or 5 or iPad 3.

• Stabilization for rock steady video
Avoid the vibration and movement that’s a sign of amateurish handheld video. Just turn on the stabilization option in VideoPro Camera and your shots will be smooth and steady, just like the pros. Stabilization takes the rough edges off your video to make even handheld shots look great! NOTE: Stabilization requires iPhone 4S or 5 or iPad 3

• Lock focus and exposure independently or simultaneously
While automatic camera control is perfect for many situations, professionals will want to lock their focus and exposure to achieve the ultimate quality. VideoPro Camera’s unique controller makes it easy to point and lock focus and exposure either separately or together. Unlocking is simple too. Just tap to unlock both or select the one you’re after.

• Lock white balance
When there are multiple light sources in a shot, automatic white balance can produce distracting color shifts as the camera moves between, say, fluorescent and incandescent lighting in the same scene. Touching the white balance icon to lock color exposure on one part of a scene will keep the shot consistent, regardless of where you pan and tilt.

• Monitor time elapsed, time or memory remaining, and battery status!
Professionals need to know how long their shot is, so an elapsed time indicator is essential. But VideoPro Camera doesn't stop there. It gives you either the time or memory remaining so you won’t run out of room for that precious clip. And a convenient battery indicator makes sure you don’t have to leave the app to avoid running out of juice!

• Stay in control with easy-to-use controls!
All the control in the world isn't much good unless you can remember how to use it. VideoPro Camera has been engineered for ease of use, with clear color-coding for active controls that is visible even in bright light. Controls are grouped for easy access while shooting, while status indicators are clearly visible in a separate region.

VideoPro Camera includes many more special features and settings:
• Select resolution: 480x360, 640x480, 1280x720 (HD 720p), 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080p) (NOTE: Highest resolution available only on iPhone 4S or 5 or iPad 3.)
• Select frame rate (1-30 fps)
• Select video quality (50%- 200%)
• Framing guideline overlays: 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1
• Thirds guide overlay
• Torch control
• Set maximum zoom factor
• Select front or back camera
• Add clip metadata: author, copyright, project, scene, take
• Tag clips with GPS location data
• Library allows upload to Camera Roll individually, in batches, or automatically

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    K2 Mobile Vision, LLC

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    Photo & Video

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