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Stephen Lebed

Developer's Description

The main display is designed to look like a traditional film slate.

Touching anywhere on or above the timecode window will close the slate with an audible "clack"
Touching again will reset the clapper.

IMPORTANT: If you set MOS in the Slate setup menu, the clapper will be in the down position. Touching the timecode area or above will sound off the clack and freeze the timecode. This mode is made for situations where sync sound is not an issue.

Changing the Roll, Scene, or Take is very easy. Simply touch the numbers in the Roll, Scene, or Take boxes will open the adjustment window.

Pressing the + or - buttons will increment or decrement the numbers above them.

The scene button has additional buttons.

PREFIX will add a letter in front of the scene number. Keep pressing the button to cycle through all the available settings. These prefixes have been used on the film and television productions I've been involved with. The prefixes are:

R = Retake
S = Special Effect
FX, V, VFX = Visual Effect
GS = Greenscreen
BS = Bluescreen

If there are any prefixes I've missed, please let me know.

The #+ and #- are like the + and - for Roll and Take. These will increment and decrement the scene number.

New in version 1.2 - Added Series label to Take. If you now set the take number to less than 1, the word Series will replace the number. Pressing + will revert Take back to a number again.

The L+ and L- will add a letter after the scene number. As you cycle through the letters you may notice that the letter i and o are skipped over. This is on purpose and done in film production to avoid an issue where the letter i might be mistaken for the number 1, and the letter o is mistaken for the number zero. If you cycle past the letter Z, then letter sequence continues as AA, BB, ect.

NEW in version 1.1 - RESET ROLL, RESET SCENE, and RESET TAKE are buttons that will reset the associated number back to 1.

Pressing the menu button will display the menu above.

Slate setup will allow you to enter the rest of the information on the slate.

About this app is just that.

Pressing Exit will close the application down cleanly. All your settings will be retained when you restart the app again.

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